What is TechPong?

What is TechPong?

TechPong invites the Vancouver tech community to an epic ping pong tournament, so we can join together to raise money for the causes we care about.

When: November 7th, 2019
Where: Telus Science World

Want to join us at TechPong?

If you are interested in entering a team, or joining us at TechPong 2019, fill out the form below and we will make sure you are kept updated.

  • After you sign up we will contact you to set up a campaign page for your company, which you can use to fundraise
  • In order to qualify for the tournament your team must fundraise min. $2000 for your favourite charity
  • After you raise the min $2000 for charity, you can enter one player for the singles tournament and two players for the doubles tournament
  • See full FAQs here
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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum fundraising requirement to qualify for TechPong is $2,000. This amount allows you to enter three players - one in the singles tournament, and two in the doubles tournament.

Depending on capacity, your company can choose to enroll an extra three players (one doubles team and one singles team) for every additional $1,000 raised. We cannot guarantee that there will be capacity for every company to add additional teams.

To qualify for TechPong, you must meet the minimum fundraising requirement by midnight on October 31st, exactly one week before the tournament.

Of course! It's completely up to you how you structure your teams.

Your Campaign will capture the total sum of all contributions made to your fundraiser. It can be used as your team’s only fundraising page, or you can invite individuals to create supporting Giving Groups. Giving Groups could be created for different departments, small work fundraisers (i.e. bake sale), or individual team members.

A Giving Group is a stand-alone fundraising page, and a wonderful way to gather people together to raise money for a cause. You can invite people to join as members, easily share your group on social media, and set a visible fundraising goals. Click here to learn how to create a supporting Giving Group to your company’s fundraising Campaign.

For any question, click here to see our Help Center for Campaign administrators.

Absolutely! Since CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation is a registered charity, all donations made on this platform are immediately tax receipted.

Only donations submitted directly to CHIMP can be tax receipted. If you have collected a sum of cash outside of CHIMP, the individual contributors cannot be tax receipted. If you are hosting a bake sale, or other similar fundraisers at work, why not create a Giving Group for the occasion? A linked Giving Group to your Campaign will automatically send funds directly to your company’s main Campaign page while issuing tax receipts for your donors.

To qualify for TechPong, funds must be donated to your official TechPong 2019 Campaign page. This is how we track the total amount donated, and the total amount on the Campaign page cannot be artificially inflated.

Congratulations on your successful fundraising! Click here for instructions on how to send the funds away to charity when you are ready.

You're in good company

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